Frankfurt, September 11-15, 2018   –

Die Automechanika Frankfurt ist die wichtigste Messe für den automotiven Aftermarket und wird seit 1971 von der Messe Frankfurt veranstaltet. Zuletzt kamen rund 133.000 Fachbesucher aus 170 Ländern, um sich die Neuheiten der 4.843 Aussteller anzusehen.

Die Messe findet alle zwei Jahre im Wechsel mit der IAA statt und feiert 2018 ihre 25. Edition. Zum Jubiläum vom 11. bis 15. September 2018 wird die Automechanika Frankfurt um neue Themen wie Classic Cars erweitert, oder die REIFEN, die als co-located Show erstmals parallel in der neuen Messehalle 12 stattfindet.Frankfurt

Dates: September 11-15, 2018
Location: Messe Frankfurt
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(Beitrag in Englisch) – Many of our patterns and finishes on aluminum are created with layers of decorative processes. A popular request is to make use of selective areas of mechanical finishes – stripes, spins, and brushes on the surface of the metal. The resulting decoration has movement and depth which can then be built upon with transparent tints of color and printed tones for detail.

Layers of Decorative Processes on Aluminum
Layering of processes is the foundation for this year’s Holiday Card. This is a beautiful showing of the possibilities for adding areas of interest as well as visual depth and dimension without additional tooling investment.

Mechanical Finishes Create Movement
Incorporating areas of spins and stripes creates an optical effect where light is reflected off the surface of the metal at various angles. The resulting movement is a way to catch attention without being too bold. The ornaments and images in the background of this year’s card showcase these effects.

Gradient Halftones
Patterns can be printed so that they change scale or intensity as they are laid down across surfaces. Soft detail frames the edges of this year’s Card with fades and tones, adding further interest.

Transparent and Metallic Colors
A tint of color applied to a selectively brushed background gives you a tone on tone effect as the color is printed on both bright and brushed aluminum. A transparent red is printed overall and appears as a two-tone color depending on which area of the card your eyes are focused on.

Metallic colors rely on metal flakes added to color formulations to create options ranging from fine to coarse metallic effects. The graphics for the
Holiday Card have a medium fleck to give a hint of a bead-blast look and feel to contrast with the high gloss Background.

(Beitrag in Englisch) – Laser Etched Looking Surface Decoration

A common request for finish development to be used on decorative trim is to achieve the look of fine detail seen in laser etched surfaces.
Subtle intersecting lines flow across the surface of this brushed aluminum trim resulting in the look of laser etched details. I love how tight the structure is on one end of the part and the way that the finish evolves to have more open space between the lines on the other end.

This pattern could be enhanced with some color for the background. Additionally the structure can be adjusted so that it flows specific to the shape of the trim piece, taking into account bends and twists of the surface.

Das chinesische Neujahrsfest (Chinesisch: 春节 chun jie), das wichtigste traditionelle Fest in China, steht vor der Tür…
Am 5. Februar 2019 wechseln wir in das chinesische Jahr des glücklichen und vergnüglichen Erd-Schweins bis zum 24. Januar 2020. Ein Schwein – das bringt Glück, Reichtum und Zufriedenheit mit sich. Im Jahr des Erd-Schweins geht es aber noch vielmehr um den Zusammenhalt in der Gemeinschaft, Teamgeist und fröhliches Zusammensein. Das Erd-Schwein ist übrigens das vernünftigste Schwein und ist sehr verlässlich.

Wir wünschen unseren chinesischen Freunden, Kollegen und Geschäftspartnern „Happy New Year“ oder 新年快乐 xin nian kuai le!